The family of CBD products is vast! We can’t complain about that, however sometimes too much choice kills the choice, right? If you’re a little lost in the midst of cookies, teas, oils, and other legal Cannabis delights, then maybe you should opt for CBD concentrates. It can be consumed in multiple ways and offers the maximum potential therapeutic effects of this beloved little molecule. Yes, CBD concentrate has it all!

What is a CBD concentrate?

A quick reminder about CBD

You already know what CBD is? Then don’t hesitate to scroll down, we’ll talk about CBD concentrates in the next paragraph! On the other hand, if you are not sure of what it is about, then read the following few lines!

CBD is a completely legal substance since it does not cause addiction or change in perception (it does not make you high).

The WHO has long considered CBD to be safe for health; some studies even attribute several therapeutic properties to it. Moreover, there are several treatments based on CBD. For example, Sativex, which is a CBD oil prescribed to people suffering from multiple sclerosis. In the United States, CBD is also used to reduce the frequency and intensity of epileptic seizures.

CBD was discovered by Dr. Mechoulam in the early 1960s. About 20 years later, the existence of cannabinoid receptors was discovered. They are distributed throughout our body (brain, lungs, tissues, digestive system, etc.). Their role is to regulate certain physiological characteristics such as body temperature, blood pressure, hormone secretion, etc.

Definition of a CBD concentrate

Whatever the CBD concentrates, its particularity is its cannabidiol content. While legal Cannabis flowers offer between 3 and 8 % of CBD max and oils rarely more than 30 %, CBD concentrates can reach 99 %!

As CBD extraction and processing techniques become more and more sophisticated, we can expect to find more and more ways to consume CBD concentrate. But for now, here is the list of CBD concentrates available on the market today.

Best CBD concentrates: raw material for CBD products

CBD is popular, and it can be found in many forms to suit the needs and tastes of consumers: oil, e-liquid, skin cream, food products, teas, herbal teas, etc.

Within this diversity, a common denominator: they are all made from a concentrate of CBD. It is therefore a raw product, a raw material. There are several forms, which could be classified into three main categories:

The concentrates of CBD are elaborated from the crude of Cannabis (wax, shatter, budder, crumble). The crude, sometimes also called mother liquor or Cannabis resin is extracted with a solvent or by supercritical CO2.

CBD concentrates are made from Cannabis flowers (pollen, live resin). The cannabidiol being synthesized in its great majority at the level of the trichomes, one will extract it directly from the floral top.

Purified CBD concentrates (isolate and water-soluble CBD): these top CBD concentrates are obtained from several chemical processes allowing to isolate the CBD molecule.

The wax: wax of CBD

As its name suggests, CBD wax is a kind of wax. It is undoubtedly the most popular CBD concentrate, besides if you want to know more about it, we invite you to read our detailed article on CBD wax.

CBD Wax in the spoon

Its texture reminds that of wax. As for its color, it varies from whitish to light yellow, depending on its concentration. Its content in CBD oscillates between 10 and 80 % and can possibly contain other cannabinoids (CBN, CBG, and always less than 0,2 % of THC) as well as terpenes.

Most of the time, the wax is vaporized. One can indeed easily elaborate e-liquid by mixing a little wax with propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG).

The shatter: crystallized version of the wax

Like wax, shatter is obtained from the CBD crude. This concentrate is simply a little more dehydrated, its texture is comparable to that of glass.

CBD crystal kept inside the bottle and in the ground
Image credit:  Public Domain Pictures

It is very practical to preserve since it does not alter easily. Nevertheless, it will be necessary to heat it to be able to consume it. Indeed, in contact with heat, the shatter liquefies and we can then dabber, use it in the form of e-liquid, or incorporate it in culinary preparation.

The budder: a smooth CBD concentrate

CBD budder concentrate in the spoon
Image Credit: Weedmaps

This concentrate of CBD is so creamy that we would almost make a sandwich of it! Its main advantage is indeed that it is very easy to incorporate in culinary preparations. It is also obtained from Cannabis crude, and as far as its content is concerned, it offers very good percentages, close to 80%.

The crumble: crumbs of CBD

Crumble of the CBD concentrate
Image Credit:

It is often assimilated to the wax, because its elaboration, its color and its concentration are identical. In reality, the only notable difference concerns its texture: the crumble of CBD is a little more crumbly than wax.

Pollen: the green gold.

CBD Pollen cubs
Image Credit: Cannabisking

As we said at the beginning of the article, CBD is synthesized at the level of the flowers of Cannabis. One of the ways to benefit from the best cannabidiol rate is therefore simply by consuming Hemp pollen!

The live resin: when CBD is cryogenized.

This concentrate of CBD is elaborated from the trichomes of Cannabis, which are frozen right after the harvest in order to preserve a maximum of cannabinoids. Indeed, under the effect of the heat and the light, certain chemical transformations continue to take place, which can generate the degradation of CBD and its fellow members.

CBD live resin product in the box
Image credit: Quiettrees.

The decrease of the temperature thus makes it possible to contain this problem and to benefit from the best rates of CBD without deteriorating the molecular baggage of the plant. The live resin is thus a concentrate rich in CBD (more than 90 %) very tasty (because it contains the famous terpenes of the plant).

The isolate of CBD

The live resin offers a remarkable content of CBD. Nevertheless, those who are in search of the best rate of CBD will automatically turn to the isolate.

CBD isolate powder

As its name indicates, the isolate of CBD is neither more nor less than the molecule of cannabidiol isolated! This concentrate of CBD is thus in the form of white translucent crystals and its concentration is unequaled: more than 98 %!

Not to spoil anything, the CBD isolate is particularly easy to use since it can be mixed with any preparation: e-liquid, oil or drink.

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