The chemical structure of CBD was first discovered in 1963, but it has only been in the spotlight for a few years. CBD oil, its most authentic form, is the essence of the molecule directly extracted from the hemp plant. Indeed, according to the different types of plants, the rate of CBD can be variable, so with a certain type of extraction, it is possible to gather an oil with a high rate of CBD.

CBD oils, therefore, exist with different concentrations in order to satisfy the different needs of consumers. Definition, origins, uses and concentrations, follow the guide to know everything about CBD oil.

To know the oil cbd:

THE BASES To know everything about CBD oil you must first go back to its origins and therefore some background information. To be interested in CBD oil, before buying it is to understand that we are going to consume a product that Nature offers, a product resulting from a culture that must be the most responsible possible.

Researching CBD oils means, for example, learning about the different ways of cultivating hemp and understanding why CBD oil is the purest and most effective form of cannabidiol…

Cbd oil: the question of purity

A good and virtuous CBD oil for the health and well-being of the CBD consumer is above all an oil as pure as possible. At the base of this problem: the cultivation of hemp and the guarantee of clean agriculture.

Then, and always concerning the purity of a CBD oil, it is the method of extraction that will make the difference: by solvent, with ice, with oil. This stage will be determined. Finally, the work and the treatments of the CBD oil during its production come to sublimate certain products and bring them purity and lightness.

Match: cbd oil vs cbd capsule

The consumer’s beginners of CBD often hesitate between beginning their consumption of CBD with CBD oil or CBD capsules. Why? Because these two forms of intake are done by ingestion and are therefore often compared. If these two ways of taking CBD orally have their advantages and disadvantages, CBD oil still has formidable advantages between higher efficiency, more precise dosage, more subtle concentration, and very good integration of the body.

Choose a good cbd oil for a successful cbd experience!

CBD oil is a very effective method of consumption adapted to all profiles of consumers and novice users. The CBD oil market is vast and the products available can sometimes be very different. How to choose CBD oil? Do not hesitate to fill up with advice to choose the CBD oil best suited to your needs and tastes: light, medium, or high dosage, the composition of the oil, choice of vegetable oil, mode of administration …

Zoom on the organic cbd oil

What is an organic CBD oil? Simply a CBD oil from organic cultivation of hemp, that is to say a healthy and responsible culture that does not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides. What difference does this make to the CBD consumer? If the difference can appear, it is above all a question of smoothness in the quality of the product.

Quality of the culture of the hemp we said it, but also a slight difference in the processes of extraction. The organic oils of course privilege the extraction of CBD by oil extraction, without chemical processes. In many cases also only the peaks of the hemp plant are used to make organic CBD oil. For some consumers, organic CBD oil is less bitter and sweeter to the taste.

Cbd oil 5% : A smooth start

CBD oil with a 5% concentration is the sweetest CBD oil available on the market. It is generally the product towards which the consumers of CBD beginners or the first-users in the phase of questioning and test will turn.

For others, CBD oil 5% represents the perfect product for their low need of cannabinoid, for their desire of light relaxation or to relieve in a very soft way of the small pathologies or boo-boos of everyday life. The CBD 5% oil is the ideal product for users who wish to consume CBD in microdose, for pleasure.

Cbd oil 10%: A very good tolerance among patients

The CBD 10% oil has the merit of being a CBD oil very well tolerated by patients, its low dosage allows a smooth integration by the body. The CBD 10% oil can also be the right product to start its consumption of CBD as a beginner, the dosage can obviously be increased gradually. The CBD 10% oil can help you to relieve passages of great stress at work or back pain repeatedly.

Cbd oil 15%: a moderate concentration for effective results

The CBD oil with 15% concentration is one of the favorites of the consumers accustomed to the CBD. Indeed, the CBD oil 15% allows a regular use combined with fast and effective effects.

Consumers who are considering quitting smoking often prefer CBD 15% oil because it easily relieves the tension and anxiety associated with nicotine withdrawal. It is also a product appreciated by sportsmen who see in CBD 15% oil a natural product as a dietary supplement to their physical activity.

Against stress and anxiety, the cbd oil 20%

The CBD oil with 20% concentration is one of the most concentrated CBD oils on the market. It is not necessarily adapted to a beginner’s consumption, thus take care to analyze your needs and your expectations before choosing a CBD oil 20%.

Many consumers appreciate the CBD 20% oil to alleviate pain and somatic disorders. Its intake provides an ideal comfort and gives way to a feeling of fullness coupled with a sense of well-being. It is also a CBD-based product readily consumed by the highly anxious, stressed, people, suffering from eating disorders or high-level athletes who need an optimal sports recovery.

Cbd oil 25% powerful against the pains

With a CBD content of 25%, CBD 25% oil combines the effects of hemp with a very high concentration. CBD oil 25% will allow you to benefit from the entourage effect created by the interaction of different terpenes and cannabinoids. 25% means that each 10ml bottle contains 2500mg of CBD (cannabidiol).

Consumers generally use 3 to 9 drops every 8 hours (depending on weight and age). It is recommended to start with lower usage of 3 drops every 12 hours and gradually increase to a maximum of 9 drops every 8 hours. CBD oil 25% is recommended in particular in case of insomnia problems, as an analgesic for any type of pain or for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, neuroprotective, anti-epileptic virtues…

Cbd oil 30%: a powerful dosage for remarkable effects

The CBD oil 30% is the most powerful of the market and it is not to be used lightly. Advised for its powerful effects, the oil CBD 30% is perfectly legal and without psychotropic effect, it is going to delight those who seek an important effect.

Containing 3000 mg of Cannabidiol (CBD), the CBD 30% oil is perfect for all those who seek the highest concentration of this cannabinoid, whether it is to answer high needs or simply to benefit from a maximum of effectiveness by using a minimum of oil.

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